Admeira study continues to attribute high relevance to TV from advertising perspective

The results of a market survey by Admeira on the "Future of the media and advertising landscape with a focus on moving images" in spring 2022 underline the continued relevance of TV from the perspective of advertising experts.

Reliable sources of information will become increasingly important in the future. (Source: Admeira)

Admeira's current study is intended to map the future development of the market from the perspective of proven media and advertising experts. In May and June 2022, experts from advertising, creative and media agencies as well as from advertising companies were surveyed as part of an anonymous online survey in cooperation with GfK Switzerland.

Among other things, they were asked their opinion on future changes in media usage behavior, the relevance of content quality, the advertising impact of various forms of TV advertising, and the development and distribution of advertising budgets. They were also asked to rank and assess the most important characteristics of different media.

TV as a credible source of information

According to the experts surveyed, consumers will be increasingly oriented toward reliable sources of information with trustworthy advertising environments in the future. TV is seen as a guarantor of credible and neutral information. In addition, TV remains the most effective medium for advertising, and the program environments are becoming increasingly important for the best possible advertising impact.

Streaming services will continue to gain in importance in the future, although there is skepticism about the impact of potential advertising on these (still) ad-free platforms. In terms of total advertising investment across all the categories surveyed, experts see further growth in the coming years.

In the media mix, the trend for display and search ads on e-commerce platforms will continue to rise. The future importance of TV and radio is seen as stable. The budget share for TV will remain the highest in the media mix at 21 percent, according to Expert:innen. In terms of the eleven media properties queried, TV and social media are rated best by the media and advertising experts. However, in the three characteristics selected as "most important" - brand image, brand awareness and attention - the medium TV wins ahead of all others.

Admeira has iIn spring 2022, a survey was conducted among 124 media experts in German- and French-speaking Switzerland. The aim of the Study "Future of the media and advertising landscape with a focus on moving images". was to obtain market feedback on future changes in the media and advertising landscape, as well as an assessment of media properties. The full report can be downloaded from the Admeira website can be downloaded.

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