Advertising market: first half-year closes in the black

According to Media Focus' Advertising Market Trend, the June advertising month was 15.6 percent up on the previous year, at 482.7 million gross Swiss francs. The strong upward trend of the first five months is thus declining slightly.

Media FocusUnlike in the pre-Corona years, however, there was no marked decline in advertising pressure in June. At industry level, the biggest increases were seen in tobacco products, energy, telecommunications and events.

The 1st advertising half-year 2022 closes with a pleasing 3,149.8 million gross Swiss francs. The Swiss advertising market is thus 41.3 percent above the previous year's figure, 37.6 percent above the figure for 2020 and even 8.6 percent above the figure for 2019.

Advertising pressure in the overall market

The development of advertising print as of June 2022 in millions of gross Swiss francs

Media Focus
The development of advertising print as of February 2022 in millions of gross Swiss francs. (Image: Media Focus)

Retail trade with a clear lead

16 sectors were able to increase their advertising pressure in June. Tobacco (+163.6%), energy (123.0%) and telecommunications (108.7%) in particular are busy beating the advertising drum and increasing their advertising pressure in the triple digits. Events (+88.3%) also continue to be on an upward trend.

The top 3 industries are Retail (+24.3%), Leisure, Hospitality, Tourism (+33.8%) and Construction, Industry, Furnishings (+63.1%), all of which saw their advertising print increase by double digits in June.

These sectors also occupy the podiums YTD. Here, the retail trade in particular continues to be strong and is clearly ahead of construction, industry, furnishings and leisure, gastronomy, tourism.

Cleaning on a downward trend

Five sectors recorded less advertising pressure compared to the same month last year. The biggest reduction can be observed in the food sector (-35.2%). Negative drivers for the development in absolute terms are above all the product segments chocolate bars, cheese (hard + cut), chocolates, cheese (fresh) and cookies (sweet/biscuits).

As in previous months, the Cleaning sector (-30.8%) also recorded a significant decline. It is also noticeably behind YTD (-37.6%) and thus at the lower end of the industry ranking. June's advertising losers also include initiatives & campaigns (-26.7%), cosmetics & personal care (-26.3%) and transportation (-7.4%). YTD, only the vehicle sector (-4.8%) is otherwise slightly behind the 2021 figure.

Top Advertisers & Products

The top advertisers and most advertised products as well as services (excluding assortment, image advertising and collective categories) in June.

Media Mix for the month of June

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