The EURO 2020 pushes the Swiss TV advertising market

The advertising month of June closes with a value of 430 million gross francs. Compared to the previous year, which was hit by Corona, it can thus record an increase of 6.4 percent, but the value is still slightly behind that of 2019 (-5.5%), as the advertising market trend of Media Focus shows.

The 1st advertising half-year 2021 closes with 2,340 million gross francs. The advertising market is thus 0.4 percent behind the value of the previous year and even 19.4 percent behind the value of 2019.
The flattening of advertising pressure in June heralds the summer slump again in 2021, as usual, but the European Championships with expensive advertising space will boost the Swiss TV market and flatten the decline somewhat.

In the past exceptional year, the advertising presence curve showed a steep upward trend again after the 1st lockdown. With the Olympic Games approaching, it remains to be seen how strong the summer slump will be in 2021.

Advertising pressure in the overall market

Development of advertising print as of June 2021 in millions of gross Swiss francs

Two thirds of the sectors are growing again

13 sectors were more active in June and were able to increase their advertising pressure. The Media sector shows a significantly stronger advertising performance in June (+107.7%). However, a look at the YTD value shows that the sector is still one of the three sectors with the greatest reduction (-25.4%).

The picture is similar for transit agencies, which are up 86.7% in June but are further behind YTD (-23.6%).

In absolute terms, the food industry must also be mentioned at this point. It is the second most visible sector YTD with an advertising print of CHF 256.2 million and a current increase of 15.8 percent. In June, the percentage increase was even stronger at 26.9 percent. The biggest trigger here is the chocolate + confectionery product group, which also includes the second most advertised product in June, Kinder Bueno. As the retail trade is reducing at the same time (-3.2%), the gap to the sector at the top of the ranking is shrinking.

Advertising winners in June also include tobacco (+77.2%), energy (+46.1%) and cosmetics & personal care (+44.4%), all of which also increased YTD. YTD, a total of 13 sectors are above the value from the previous year.

Telecommunications records highest decline

In June 2021, eight industries are reducing their advertising pressure, four of them by double digits. However, only three of these industries are behind their half-year value from the previous year. Telecommunications (-29.1%) shows the most significant decline, reducing its June advertising print by nearly a third. YTD, however, the industry is slightly above last year's figure (+3.3%).

Services (-19.6%) are also slipping in June, as they did in May, and are also well behind YTD (-21.7%).

In addition, vehicles (-18.0%), construction, industry, furnishings (-15.3%), pharmaceuticals & health (-9.1%), retail trade (-3.2%), fashion & sports (-1.4%) and cleaning (-0.3%) reduce.

Top of the month

Top advertisers and most advertised products and services (excluding assortment, image advertising and collective categories) in June

media mix

Media Mix for the month of June

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