Advertising statistics Switzerland: Advertising revenues slump sharply in 2020 due to Corona pandemic

Advertising sales in Switzerland fell by more than 16 percent last year to CHF 3.73 billion. According to the Stiftung Werbestatistik Schweiz (Swiss Advertising Statistics Foundation), sales were down in all media categories due to the Corona pandemic.

(Source: Swiss Advertising Statistics Foundation)

In 2019, advertising sales in Switzerland were still down by 2.5 percent to CHF 4.45 billion. The extent of the significant decline in 2020 depends, among other things, on the extent to which the respective media genre is used or distributed outside the home, according to a statement on Thursday. In the cinema sector, which was hit hard by the measures taken to combat the pandemic, advertising sales fell by almost 71 percent to 10 million Swiss francs.


There were also particularly sharp declines in radio (-26.7 percent to CHF 105 million), outdoor advertising (-22.8 percent to CHF 373 million), press (-21.3 percent to CHF 727 million) and advertising and promotional items (-19.7 percent to CHF 611 million).

The declines in television (-12.5 percent to CHF 616 million), online advertising (-10.9 percent to CHF 462 million) and direct advertising (-6.7 percent to CHF 828 million) were considerable, but still significantly lower.

In 2020, direct advertising secured the biggest slice of the measurable advertising pie for the first time, with a share of a good 22 percent. It is followed by the press with a share of 19.5 percent. (pd/SDA)

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