The Swiss advertising market one year after the first lockdown

In mid-March 2020, the first effects of the Corona crisis on the Swiss advertising market became apparent. In March 2021, one year later, the usual strong increase can be seen again, compared to January (+48.5%) and February (+38.0%), as could be observed in the third month of the year in previous years. However, at 433.3 million gross Swiss francs, the Swiss advertising market remains just below the previous year's figure (-2.3%), as Media Focus' Advertising Market Trend shows.

The figures suggest that this puts the first quarter 19 percent behind the 2020 figure - and as much as 40 percent behind the 2019 figure.

Advertising Print in the Overall Market: Development of Advertising Print as of March 2021 in millions of gross Swiss francs.

Vehicle industry more active in advertising even without Autosalon

In March 2021, the automotive industry will again have to do without the Motor Show campaigns. Last year, this meant a year-on-year decline of 41.1 percent. In March 2021, the industry is able to significantly increase its advertising pressure again to 36.1 percent, which is at a similar level to previous years. The industry can also place two products in the top 10: both campaigns are from car dealer Amag and focus on out-of-home advertising.

The tobacco industry can also increase its advertising print in March. While it was already one of the few sectors with an advertising increase in March 2020 (+24.2%), this year it can even increase its advertising pressure by 173.2 percent in March. The biggest trigger here is the campaign for Philip Morris' Iqos tobacco heating system.

Construction, Industry and Furnishings is the last industry to record over 20 percent increase in advertising print in March 2021 (+22.5%).

Six sectors reduce by over 20 percent

While Leisure, Hospitality and Tourism was still in first place in the industry list last year, it has to settle for tenth place due to the crisis (YTD). After last year's 40 percent decline, March 2021 also shows another decline (-22.4%). The easing in April will possibly provide the industry with a slight recovery.

The financial sector is also reducing its advertising pressure by 33.8 percent in March 2021. The decline in advertising pressure extends across all product groups - from investments to pensions. Advertising for basic products fared the best (-9.6%).

The list of industries that reduced advertising print by more than 20 percent is completed by transportation (-58.1%), events (-48.1%), media (-34.0%) and services (-25.7%).

Top of the month: The top advertisers and most advertised products and services (excluding assortment and image advertising) in March.


Last April saw the sharpest drop (-40%) in the Swiss advertising market. So next month will show how the next relaxations will affect the advertising market in April 2021.

Media Mix for the month of March


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