WEMF: More comprehensive target group information for Out-of-Home

WEMF today published this year's edition of the MA Strategy intermedia study. From now on, the target groups of out-of-home advertising can also be analysed according to consumer characteristics. This means that all advertising-relevant communication channels are comprehensively represented in the study.


In response to many requests from the advertising market, Swiss Poster Research Plus (SPR+) is now a research partner of MA Strategy Consumer. This means that the target groups for out-of-home advertising can now be analysed not only according to socio-demographic characteristics, but also according to consumer characteristics. Urs Wolfensberger, Executive Director of Marketing and Sales at WEMF, is pleased about the expanded cooperation: "With the survey of consumption characteristics for out-of-home, it is now possible to quantify and compare the target groups of all advertising-relevant communication channels according to their individual consumption and information behavior. Thanks to the integration of the target specifications from the MobNat data of SPR+, this is possible on both a national and regional level. MA Strategy thus remains the most comprehensive intermedia study in Switzerland."

National Intermedia Study MA Strategy

As an instrument for strategic planning, the MA Strategy has enabled a targeted analysis and implementation of the optimal media mix of press, cinema, radio, television, address directories, out-of-home, direct mail and web offers for around twenty years. The cross-media study shows with which media strategy a target group can be reached most efficiently.

The MA Strategy 2017 was published on Thursday. It is available to customers via the WEMF data portal NEXT>LEVEL available.

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