Slight decline in e-commerce advertising pressure in September

The first autumn month of the year recorded e-commerce advertising print totalling 117.5 million gross Swiss francs. This corresponds to a decline of 6.2 percent compared to the previous month. Travel" remains the strongest market category.


However, compared to the previous year's figure (67.2 million), advertising print recorded an increase of 74.8 percent in September 2017. The e-commerce share of the total market amounts to 19.6 percent.

Search advertising: Mobile data integration

The Internet media group has been reported including search advertising since January 2017. The media mix is published monthly in the advertising market trend. Search advertising includes data on Search Desktop. As of the July 2017 data deadline, Search Mobile is also integrated and reported in the Media Focus advertising statistics in addition to Search Desktop.

Total market

Development of e-commerce advertising print as of September 2017


The travel fever continues

Although the Travel category has reduced its advertising pressure by around 20 percent compared to the previous month, it is still clearly in first place. Within the market category, Ebookers has replaced its competitor Trivago as the top brand. Clothing & Accessories gains again in the fall, defending 2nd place. In this category, Zalando continues to hold on to the top spot. In 3rd place, as in the previous month, is the Search & Find market category. This month, however, is able to displace the competing platform ImmoScout24 from the top position.

Market categories

Monthly e-commerce advertising print and top brand


More space for classic media

E-commerce brands continue to rely on the dual strategy of online (search) and TV. However, search advertising is decreasing compared to the previous month, while more advertising pressure is flowing into the classic channels, especially TV. As a result, the share of search advertising is decreasing significantly compared to August (-16 percentage points) and is being redistributed. The biggest gains are in the TV (+7 percentage points) and out-of-home (+3 percentage points) media groups.

media mix

Advertising print distribution of all e-commerce brands in September 2017


Advertising print distribution of the top 5 categories


Competition increases

The top categories are still the same as in August, but more and more brands want a piece of the e-commerce pie. The number of competitors within the top 10 market categories has increased again by 39 brands.

In the Finance market category, 13 more brands advertised in September than in August, and Travel also gained 11 more brands. Search & Find recorded an increase of 10 brands and Clothing & Accessories 8 brands. Only the Dating market category recorded a notable decline of 11 brands. This corresponds to around one tenth of the market participants in this category.

Top 10 categories

Advertising shares of e-commerce brands in September 2017

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