E-commerce advertising print shows strong year-on-year growth

At 69.1 million gross Swiss francs, e-commerce advertising print in April was significantly slimmer than in March (82.6 million). Compared to the same month last year, however, gross value print increased by a striking 66 percent.


At 13.7 percent, e-commerce advertising's share of the total advertising market is slightly down on the previous month (March 15 percent). This is shown by the E-Commerce Trend Report April 2017 from Media Focus.

Total market

Development of e-commerce advertising print as of April 2017


Let's travel the world

The Travel market category also secured first place in the spring month of April. It generated e-commerce advertising impressions of 12 million gross Swiss francs. The top brand in this category is Trivago. Clothing & Accessories follows in second place with its top brand Zalando. The top 3 of the strongest market categories is completed by Search & Find. As in March, tutti.ch was the top brand in this category.

Market categories

Monthly e-commerce advertising print and top brand


TV advertising wins

The media mix shows an increase of 4 percentage points in the TV media group. Online (display) posted a small increase of one percent. Out-of-home and print suffered losses in April. The former lost 3 percentage points, the latter 2 percent. The Search & Find market category increased its share of online (display) at the expense of TV. Clothing & Accessories is clearly dominated by TV and Search in April.

Media Mix

Advertising print distribution of all e-commerce brands in April 2017


Advertising print distribution of the top 5 categories


More brands for Search & Find

Search & Find shows 11 more e-commerce brands in April than in March. General Merchandise shows 9 more brands, Consumer Electronics a total of 6. In the Travel market category, the number of e-commerce brands decreased from 661 brands in March to 630 brands in April. Furniture & Furnishing, Search & Find and Finance show good diversification. In these three market categories, brands that are not among the top 5 brands also account for a relatively high proportion of the total gross e-commerce print.

Top 10 categories

Advertising shares of e-commerce brands in April 2017


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