Engagement Advertising launched

Capture Media launches a new discipline in the Swiss online advertising market with Engagement Advertising. Advertisers only have to pay users who have actively engaged with their content. Billing is based on a "cost per engagement" CPE.


Clicks generated by advertising campaigns are no guarantee of information transfer to the target group. High bounce rates on the advertised websites show that not every click is of the same quality. Engagement advertising only charges visitors who have actively and consciously engaged with the advertiser's content. The goal is to transfer knowledge and thereby change or confirm opinions, as well as to influence purchase intentions. To map and influence this process, Capture Media has developed its own technology. This measures active users and their engagements, creates analyses in real time and filters out invalid traffic.

Proven information transfer without risk

To be able to convey information about a product or service, a user must engage with the topic. Capture Media optimizes the landing page up to the media buy for the best possible "engagement rate" and can thus guarantee the desired advertising success of the information transfer.

The risk that an advertising campaign will not generate any effect can be eliminated with engagement advertising. For the advertiser, this brings relevant advantages.

Content as a prerequisite for engagements

The new "cost per engagement" CPE billing method means that content must be prepared in an exciting and user-friendly way. Core messages and added value need to be identified and brought to the point or to the engagement page in a way that is appropriate for the target group.

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