Serviceplan flips the switch for "Swisscom sure"

With "Swisscom sure", Swisscom is officially entering the insurance business. Serviceplan ensured the entire communicative marketing in close co-creation, from the strategic orientation of the products to the final advertising material.

Swisscom is characterized by its high service standards and innovative, customer-oriented solutions. The telco company is now launching "Swisscom sure" in collaboration with insurance partners. The completely digital insurance aims to meet the desire for simplicity, transparency and flexibility and is integrated into the Swisscom app.

The entire communication structure is also built on these three pillars, which are intended to give the digital insurance company an independent appearance - without forgetting the Swisscom roots. The "Swisscom-sure-Toggle" was created as a visually and content-wise binding element of the campaign, which symbolizes the digital DNA of the insurance company and is supplemented with the descriptor "The Switch-On Insurance".

The campaign also includes four films in mixed media style, which focus on household contents and liability insurance. The main roles are played by a raccoon that steals a washing machine, a baby that destroys a valuable vase with its pacifier, a pensioner who floods an apartment while fishing and a gorilla that accidentally kicks a sofa. At the end of the film, there is always the Swisscom-sure toggle, with which the damage is undone with a switch. The message behind it: "With Swisscom sure, you're prepared for all eventualities."

The communication tools are used on social media, the website and as display ads, among other things. Further subjects are already being planned.

Responsible in the House of Communication: Nadja Tandler, Carina Kienzle (Art Direction), Kelsang Gope, Günther Zumbach (Text), Micha Seger, Marcin Baba (ECD), Raul Serrat (CCO), Edi Walker, Nicole Grogg (Consulting), Nathalie Diethelm (CEO). Illustrations: Leo Matkovic. Animations: Neil Stubbings. Sound design: DubDub.

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