Zimmermann Communications with EM campaign for Salt

To coincide with the European Championships, Salt is launching a promotion offering up to 70 percent off subscriptions. Zimmermann Communications wraps this message in a football visual: the penalty area line is sprayed around and combined with the promotional message.

For the European Football Championship, Salt is offering particularly cheap subscriptions, which Zimmermann Communications is advertising in football style: The campaign will be widely distributed on TV and posters, supplemented by digital advertising media and staged at the POS in and around individual Salt stores throughout Switzerland.

Salt is also going green on social media for a month: the campaign will occupy the Insta and Tiktok channels and use the topic of football in an entertaining and fun way. The promotion will run until the day after the big European Championship final and until July 15, 2024.

Responsible at Salt: Max Nunziata (CEO), Christoph Schwarz (Head of Brand Management & Marketing Communications), Lisa Krähenbühl (Marketing Communication Manager), Jean-Christophe Plasse (Director Product Marketing). Responsible at Zimmermann Communications: Julia Hofmann (art direction), Christoff Strukamp (creative direction), Carolina Duarte Nunes, Nico Kunz (social media content creation/management); Lara Cavelti (project management), Dominik Mätzener (overall responsibility); film production: Markenfilm AG, Lukas Wälli (director), Uli Schepper (managing partner); image processing/prepress: Detail AG, Media: Konnex AG.

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