Sporttip advertises real-time betting odds for Switzerland matches

On the Swiss national team's match days at the 2024 European Football Championship, Sporttip will use dynamic advertising media to show the
current odds for the respective Switzerland match.

The odds are updated automatically every 60 seconds and are played out on numerous APG and Goldbach Neo screens in German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino. The technically sophisticated integration takes place via a live feed from Swisslos to APG or Goldbach Neo. Zipmedia is responsible for the entire media coordination and Detail AG is involved as the realization partner. This interaction makes it possible to transfer the current excitement of the games directly into the advertising.

The dynamic DOOH campaign will be reinforced with screens from live systems, analog posters, TV commercials and various large-format online advertising media, some of which will provide up-to-date match information. The campaign will run until the European Championship final.

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