How Arc Collective and Studio Eberle want to push back Overshoot Day

Arc Collective and Studio Eberle have taken on the #MoveTheDate project with the aim of implementing positive and approachable climate communication.

The community platform is committed to keeping an eye on planetary resources and moving the Overshoot Day date to the end of December. The mission is to inspire and empower all people to contribute to a better future with enthusiasm, intelligence and collective action.

Adopted from Who is Nik

The project was set up by Who is Nik, Arc Collective and Studio Eberle are now taking over. The new team launched a four-week campaign entitled "We're postponing" around Swiss Overshoot Day. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the need to move the date of Overshoot Day back by drawing attention to it and presenting measures, such as everyday tips, that each individual can take to reduce their ecological footprint.

The campaign was supported by partners such as OnePlanet Lab, Circular Economy Switzerland, ERZ and Hofkino, as well as ambassadors Katherine Choong, Sam Jimmyjoe and Jon Guler.

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