Ediii with new image campaign for Ecap education center

For new client Ecap, the Zurich agency Ediii has implemented a national image campaign in which students tell their very own life stories.

The Zurich agency Ediii has implemented a new national image campaign for Ecap, one of the largest educational institutes for adults in Switzerland. Ecap is a non-profit organization with nine locations throughout Switzerland. The educational institute with more than 1,000 employees teaches over 70,000 people every year and offers language courses and a wide range of professional development programs.

In order to raise its profile, increase awareness and focus on Ecap's commitment, the educational institute commissioned the Zurich agency Ediii to design and implement a national image campaign. The campaign shows how Ecap helps people from all over the world to make a successful new start in Switzerland.

"Learning together, growing together"

It focuses on six students and employees who tell their life stories under the campaign message "Learning together, growing together". The image campaign is now running on all common digital and analog channels such as DOOH and OOH and as display ads.

Responsible at Ecap: Guglielmo Bozzolini (Managing Director ECAP), Giuliana Tedesco-Manca (Deputy Managing Director ECAP). Responsible at EDiii: Cédric Wiestner, Frédéric Prinz; responsible for production: production key visuals: Thomas Egli (photography), Niko Kitsakis (graphic design & motion design); video production: Gian-Andrea Lüthi. Responsible for media: Cédric Wiestner, Frédéric Prinz.

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