European Football Championship: McDonald's advertises with live score of the national team

In an innovative cross-media DCO campaign, OMD Switzerland and Drop8 not only show the live scores of the Swiss national team, but also the low-cost burger promotion at McDonald's.

Football fans and McDonald's fans can once again look forward to the 1CHF hamburger promotion on all match days of the Swiss national football team at this year's EURO 2024. In a sophisticated DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) strategy, the score of the Swiss matches and other advertising media content are integrated dynamically and in real time into the online and PDOOH advertising. The aim is to ensure that neither the national team's performance nor the burger bargain are missed.

Real-time integration of the score in the advertising media

The campaign is live on all of the Swiss national team's match days and kicked off with the first European Championship match against Hungary on Saturday. From midnight onwards, a countdown put the Swiss in the mood for the kick-off of the match. At the heart of the campaign is the real-time integration of the score into the advertising material via a live feed that plays dynamic messages depending on the Swiss national team's score, giving the campaign additional relevance. In a third phase, the communication was dynamically adapted to the final result so that the joy of victory could be felt not only in the marquees but also in the advertising.

Dynamic OOH advertising media

This DCO approach was used for the first time on APG screens throughout Switzerland, including at Zurich main station and Lausanne-Gare station. The quartet of OMD Switzerland, Vistar Media, APG and Drop8 developed a solution that now enables further innovative out-of-home advertising strategies on the screens with the widest reach in Switzerland. To ensure optimum national coverage of the dynamic campaign, additional premium street & public transport screens were occupied on the Goldbach Neo network. As a renowned tech provider in the DOOH sector, Vistar Media ensured the technical production and smooth functionality of the dynamic OOH advertising media.

Swiss people were also informed about the 1CHF hamburger and the latest football news online. The dynamic creative playout was extended cross-media as large-scale banners on mobile and desktop positions. Based on a long-standing collaboration, Drop8 and Seenthis took over the production of the online advertising media in collaboration with TBWA, including the customized live feed for the dynamic playout of the live results and messages.

Responsible at Drop8: Fabrice Lalive, Monty Meier, Patrik Brändle, Wojtek Andrzejczak. Responsible at OMD Switzerland: Alexander Schmitt, Cristina Savastano, Marc Eberhart, Laetitia Furegati. Responsible at McDonald's: Morgane Zillweger, Severine Caspard. Responsible at APG: Michael Pevec, Sükrü Gökdemir. Responsible at Vistar Media: Martine Hammink, Matthijs Kemper. Responsible at Seenthis: Sara Anne Morrissey, Oscar Karlsson, Ole Peder Henriksen, Jayson Ariate. Vresponsible at TBWA: Julia Kerschbaumer.











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