Andy Lusti and Susen Gehle: Swisscom shares the excitement with their colors

Swisscom is the new partner of the Swiss Football Association SFV. In the current sponsorship campaign from the pen of Andy Lusti and Susen Gehle, piste dyer Bruno knows that Swisscom is behind the blue, white and red jerseys.

"This can't be a coincidence...", says Bruno Böhlen. The slope painter for the Lauberhorn races has already uncovered the "biggest marketing coup of all time" with the "slope color" at the end of SwissSki's sponsorship of Swisscom ( reported). After introducing the slope colors at all FIS World Cup races, Bruno now wants to prove that Swisscom is also behind the new jersey colors of the Swiss national football teams.

Bruno on a mission to fans, players and manufacturers

To kick off the campaign, Bruno travels to the Swiss national team's European Championship preparation camp. When he gets nowhere with the fans in the stands, he sneaks into the national team's dressing room, where he is caught by Manuel Akanji, Nico Elvedi and Vincent Sierro. After the players don't want to help him either, Bruno tries to confirm his theory with the manufacturer of the national team jerseys. No matter what he finds out on his mission, one thing becomes clear with every step he takes: Swisscom, as the official partner, is rooting for the Swiss colors.

Surprising comeback

The "Trikotfarbe" campaign is an unexpected continuation of the "Pistenfarbe" campaign. Once again, the two freelance creative directors Andy Lusti and Susen Gehle are behind the concept, who developed the idea together with the Swisscom team and implemented the production by Marty-Trezzini and Swisscom's internal multimedia crew.

"Just like Bruno, most ski fans root for the Swiss national football team in the summer. When the new national team jerseys were presented by the Swiss Football Association (SFV), we immediately noticed the unusual blue. With the piste color in mind, this was the perfect opportunity to pick up the ball again and retell the story with the Swisscom colors," Susen Gehle and Andy Lusti report on the creation of the campaign. And Swisscom CD Jürg Brauchli adds: "The slope painter builds a bridge from the old national team sponsorship to the new national team sponsorship and shows in a charming way that Swisscom supports the dreams of the Swiss at all levels."

The story is being told on various channels in the context of the European Football Championship.

Client: Swisscom Switzerland. Creation & Conception: Andy Lusti & Susen Gehle. Project Management: Pascal Morgenthaler. Creative Director: Jürg Brauchli. Communication Functional Lead: Simon Lanzi. Social Media Manager: Jeffrey Gabriel. Film production: Marty-Trezzini, Swisscom. Directed by: Yves Marty, Simon Lanzi. Producer: Gianluca Trezzini. DoP: Jonas Steinbacher, Maxime Da Costa, Noah Rakic. 1. AC: Tim Rüegg. Assistant Producer: Lea-Gioia Gloor. Lighting: Fabio Stecher, Niculin Felix, Jonas Rasi. Sound: Florian Hillner. Set design/equipment: Lara Roos. Hair & Makeup: Viviane Saner. Grading: Franziska Heinemann. Sound Design: Levi Giger.

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