Wirz: Bad golfers are good for nature in Graubünden

Wirz and Graubünden Ferien are launching an unusual fundraising campaign: golfers who demonstrably worsen their handicap will be supporting biodiversity on Graubünden golf courses.

In 2023, Wirz and Graubünden Ferien launched the Patgific golf campaign, which showed that you can play golf in Graubünden in a very relaxed way (Werbewoche.ch reported). The current campaign aims to reduce the pressure on golfers to perform even more: anyone who plays a bad round of golf in the mountain canton is doing something good and making a valuable contribution to nature. For every bad handicap, Graubünden Ferien donates five francs to promote biodiversity.

"Playing more relaxed and doing something for the environment - golfing in Graubünden is always a win-win situation, even if you lose," explains Jan Kempter, Creative Director at Wirz.

The fundraising mechanism is simple to implement: Golfers play a tournament or an EDS round as normal. If they worsen their handicap in the process, they can simply take a photo of their scorecard and donate it. upload on the landing page. The total donation amount is then increased by five francs.

The fundraising campaign is advertised with an online campaign that includes a film, several snippets as well as social and native ads.

The campaign is a joint initiative of Graubünden Ferien, the Office for Nature and the Environment, Terraviva and the Grisons Golf Association with the aim of promoting biodiversity on the region's golf courses. Golfers have until October 6 to play as poorly as possible.

Responsible at Graubünden Ferien: Yves Luetolf (CMO/Vice Director), Antonella Klee (Marketing Manager), Sara Ragettli (Digital Marketing Manager). Responsible at Wirz Group: Jan Kempter, Evelyn Schellenberg, Adrian Busse, Lana Zumbrunnen, Janna Löhr, Marleen Diener, Julia Keller, Ruwanie Hayoz, Giovanni Bucca, Oliver Fäs, Günter Prächt. Production: Studio Nord: Nadja von Burg & Valentin Kathriner (film production and direction); Valentin Kathriner (Director of Photography and Edit); DubDub Studios (Audio Postproduction): Gregor Rosenberger (Audio Engineer), Sandro Palomba (Producer). Media: Capture Media.

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