Arosa calls on parents to spend more time with their children

Arosa Tourism is focusing on the message "Family time is now!" with an emotional family film. The film aims to convey that spending time together with the family is essential.

(Image: Arosa Tourism)

In the latest advertising film, Arosa Tourism uses emotional storytelling to encourage parents to spend more time with their families. The moving story focuses on a father who has too little time for his child due to his work commitments. He realizes too late how important it is not to miss out on these precious moments. The film is a reminder that the time we spend with our children is priceless and that it is never too late to focus on what is important.

The film, produced by director Philippe Woodtli from Woop Productions, is stylistically very different from previous Arosa Tourism productions and has a clear goal: it should go straight to the heart and appeal to viewers on an emotional level. "We deliberately want to take a new approach and inspire viewers with an authentic, touching story," explains Marion Schmitz, Vice Director and CMO of Arosa Tourism.

Arosa fulfills family wishes

In Arosa, families have the opportunity to experience their own personal dream moment. On the Landing page or on Arosa Tourism's social media channels, families can now enter their Arosa wish experience. Ten of the most innovative and impressive wish moments will be realized by Arosa Tourism.

Concept: Marion Schmitz (Arosa Tourism). Production: Woop Productions,, Philippe Woodtli (Director, Producer), Marc Mauron (Producer), JD (DOP), Florence Gross (Camera), Oliver Muff (Light), Marion Fritschi (Styling & Set Design), Tina Michel (Styling Assistance), Nicola Fischer (Hair & Make-up).

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