Spreading plan for Hero Delicia: When advertising is not quite on the ball

In the current campaign for Hero Delicia, Streuplan focuses on the importance of breakfast with the central idea "Eat the right breakfast!".

In recent years, breakfast has lost its relevance as the most important meal of the day. Hero Delicia wants to bring "Zmorge" back on everyone's lips with a broad-based campaign.

"The hustle and bustle of everyday life is increasingly pushing the status of breakfast to the sidelines. With the current campaign, we want to counteract this trend to some extent," explains Anninka Kraus, Head Marketing Hero Switzerland. After all, a good breakfast with a delicious jam also enriches the daily routine: "Not only nutritionally, but also as a mindful start to a good day," continues Kraus.


With a wink and a refreshing reference to the industry, the various campaign subjects therefore focus on what happens when mental and physical energy reserves are not replenished with a "proper breakfast".

In addition to the (D)OOH presence, Streuplan has planned various guerrilla and influencer campaigns to provide entertainment over the next few weeks.

Responsible at Hero Switzerland: Anninka Kraus (Head Marketing Hero Switzerland), Neele Eggs (Marketing Manager Natural Spreads & Healthy Snacks), Larissa Bernasconi (Brand Manager Natural Spreads & Healthy Snacks). Overall responsibility for strategy, conception, creation and realization: Spreading plan. Media: Spreading plan.

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