Jung von Matt and Zweifel deliver nourishment for the football festival

Zweifel and Jung von Matt Limmat are launching an XXL pack of potato chips under the motto "90 minutes of nerve food" to mark the start of this year's European Men's Football Championship.

Every match at the European Championships is a 90-minute thriller. Especially when the Swiss national team takes to the pitch. Here, Zweifel potato chips not only become a versatile game companion, but also delicious nourishment for the nerves. And it is not uncommon that - due to a lack of suitable nourishment for the nerves - fingernails end up being eaten when the potato chips run out.

For this reason, Zweifel is launching a one-kilogram packet of potato chips limited to 1,000 pieces for the start of the European Championships, which are guaranteed to last for the entire 90 minutes. To ensure that the potato chips and national team fans stay in the rhythm of the game, there are markings on the pack to indicate how far they have already snacked towards the final whistle.

The XXL campaign is accompanied by POS measures with strong staging, OOH and DOOH and on social media by a CGI-designed truck that attempts to drive the oversized special potato chips bag from Zweifel through the streets in the style of a heavy goods vehicle.

The limited edition will be raffled off in a competition and sent to the winners in a box that can be converted into a Töggeli box. Anyone who follows the competition rules in the leaflets on the packaging of all Zweifel Chips varieties currently on the shelves can take part.

"The European Football Championship, like other major sporting events, is always a competition of advertising ideas. To stand out, you need ideas that stand out and can be attractively declined to suit the channel and platform. The 90-minute package does just that," Dominique Magnusson, Creative Director at Jung von Matt Limmat, is convinced.

Customer: Doubts. Responsible Agencies: Jung von Matt Limmat (creation), Blish (media realization), Jung von Matt Impact (media). External partners:inside: Tings (social media), The Factory (asset production), TWmedia (media).

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