Brinkertlück: Sustainable vacations with Swisstainable

Switzerland Tourism's current 360-degree campaign aims to promote sustainable vacations in Switzerland and raise awareness of "Swisstainable". To this end, Brinkertlück Switzerland puts the benefits of the label in a nutshell for guests: "Swisstainable means you enjoy your vacation. And we make them more sustainable."

"Although there is an awareness of sustainability when planning summer vacations, it remains cautious according to our latest guest survey," says ST Director Martin Nydegger, describing the current situation in the tourism industry. "It is therefore all the more important that we continue to work with the Swiss tourism industry to promote sustainable travel." This was also the focus of the briefing for the second major campaign on "Swisstainable"which was created by Brinkertlück Switzerland.

Reconciling sustainability and tourism is no easy task, adds Brinkertlück Co-CEO Dennis Lück: "But with Swisstainable, we have the springboard for a creative platform. Because all our creations are based on one insight: when people are on vacation, that's when they don't want to think about sustainability anymore. From then on, it simply has to be right. And that's what Swisstainable does here in Switzerland."

The campaign aims to whet the appetite for vacations in Switzerland and at the same time highlight the advantages of sustainable service providers. The focus is not on a guilty conscience, but the absolute opposite: simply relax and still be sustainable.

Little effort for you, big impact for nature

Sustainable travel in Switzerland does not necessarily mean doing without. "Many travelers are not even aware of how sustainable their vacations in Switzerland actually are. This campaign is now clearing that up," says Martin Pally, Head of Campaigns at ST. Over 2600 Swisstainable establishments ensure that vacations in Switzerland are classified as sustainable.

The advantages of Switzerland as a destination are emphasized with humorous messages. At the same time, a link is made to the topic of sustainability. At the heart of the campaign with over 920 different assets are four films that accompany the target group personas on their vacations. They play with the contrast between the relaxed vacation experience and the commitment of Swisstainable businesses.

Renewed collaboration with SBB

Because train travel plays a key role in sustainable travel, ST - as already in 2023 - again with the SBB together. A wide-ranging distribution of various OOH and DOOH assets has been running via the channels of both brands since the beginning of June. In addition to these ATL measures, there will also be ongoing activations around bookable Swisstainable packages. The campaign will run until the end of October.

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