Jung von Matt Limmat and Mobiliar bring sponge cities to life

Swiss cities are under-equipped for climate-related extreme weather events. They regulate the temperature poorly in hot weather and do not absorb water efficiently enough during heavy rainfall, which can lead to major damage. With eye-catching communication measures by Jung von Matt Limmat, Mobiliar is now raising awareness of sustainable sponge city concepts, which the insurance company is helping to develop through its social commitment.

Only recently, heavy and prolonged rainfall caused major damage in Switzerland and southern Germany. In populated areas, the insufficient absorption capacity of sealed soils contributes to these disasters.

Climate adaptation measures that help soils to store rainwater like a sponge - as in sponge cities - can help. The multiple benefits: less heat, less flooding and damage, better quality of life and biodiversity. To raise public awareness of Mobiliar's important commitment to sponge city projects in densely populated areas, the insurance company is taking an eye-catching approach.

"Living" posters and a look underground

OOH areas in Winterthur planted with real plants are intended to draw the public's attention to the great potential of sponge cities in terms of damage prevention. There are up to 100 plants per poster, which are also used in the realization of sponge city concepts. The "living" posters are flanked by street art depictions of the layered subsoil. These soil motifs, printed on foil and glued to the ground, are used in Lausanne as well as Winterthur to provide an attractive look beneath the surface of the earth. In this way, passers-by are made aware of the topic in a vivid way.

"As a cooperative, it is important to us to make concrete contributions to a sustainable and resilient society. The Schwammstadt initiative is one of many commitments for which we are taking an unusual approach to communication - as is usual for Mobiliar," explains Florian Knapp, who is responsible for the campaign at Mobiliar.


Customer: the furniture. Responsible Agencies: Jung von Matt Limmat, Blish, June Corporate Communications. External partners:inside: Witwinkel (photography), Brogleworks (greened OOH), Fischer Schriften (pasting), Toby Gehri (design).

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