Capture Media names Interpharma "Campaign of the Month"

Every month, the digital specialist Capture Media selects a "Campaign of the Month" from all ongoing campaigns. In April, Interpharma won for an innovative blog promotion with knowledge transfer.

Interpharma focuses on effective knowledge transfer and promotes its blog on topics such as breast cancer, allergies, diabetes and heart attacks as part of the Site Engagement Always-On campaign. With a special advertising mix and above-average engagement rates, the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies in Switzerland secures the title of Campaign of the Month for April.

Interpharma worked with Capture Media with the aim of pushing the blog with high-quality traffic and increasing user engagement. By using the tracking and analytics tool Fusedeck, user behaviour is measured and analyzed in real time and the insights gained are used to optimize the site. A real-time behavioral index in the form of a score is used to understand user behavior. This combines all the KPIs achieved, such as the number of clicks, active dwell time and scroll depth, in the quality of the individual visitor and in the quantity of overall traffic. For example, Fusedeck has shown that topics such as allergies combined with anxiety and depression achieve a very high score value and interest users both in the masses and individually.

Three flights with different advertising media

The campaign is divided into three flights, with the focus on different advertising media in each phase. In the first phase, the focus was on static advertising media and blog texts, whereas in the second phase, the focus was on moving images and the blog was adapted accordingly and enriched with videos. Both flights achieved engagement values of 80.67% and 68.63% and a high active dwell time on the landing page.

Interpharma's "Always-On" campaign shows how a strategic advertising mix and the interplay of campaign and content can significantly increase both the quantity and quality of traffic, Capture Media praises.

Responsible at Interpharma: Georg Därendinger (Head of Communications), Michael Schoy (Deputy Head of Communications), Daniela Duerr (Senior Communications Manager); Responsible Capture Media: Jan Bachmann (Commercial Manager), Panida Dalla Monta (Senior Digital & Analytics Specialist).



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