The PR Factory and the police phish again for Card Security

Crimes involving debit and credit cards are increasing every year. This is why the police are using the "Card Security" prevention initiative to provide information about possible dangers and precautionary measures. The idea and implementation of the current campaign on the subject of "phishing" came from The PR Factory.

Anyone who shares their personal card details or authorizes fraudulent payments is falling into the trap of fraudsters. They rely on the gullibility and carelessness of their victims. Phishing is by far the most common scam.

This is exactly where the police come in. With its "Card Security" prevention initiative, it has been providing information about current fraud scams and precautionary measures for over ten years. This year's prevention campaign on the subject of phishing starts on Wednesday. It was designed and implemented by The PR Factory agency.

Fishermen against phishing

"We have been looking after card security since the beginning. Over the years, the focus has shifted significantly - from crimes at ATMs and payment terminals to online crimes," explains Andrea Miolo-Eberhard, owner and managing director of The PR Factory in Zurich. "In our prevention work, the focus is on constant repetition. Card crimes are almost exclusively the result of carelessness on the part of cardholders. This makes it all the more important that the prevention messages are known and internalized. With this year's campaign, we are therefore deliberately building on last year's and focusing on the topic of phishing with the already familiar and eye-catching "Fischer".

Online and offline campaign

The campaign will be broadcast throughout Switzerland in two waves in spring and fall 2024. Online banners on news channels and advertising on social media platforms are planned. An online competition with a knowledge test will also be launched. Police forces and financial institutions are also supporting the campaign by distributing flyers and drawing attention to Card Security and the prevention tips via their own online and social media channels. All measures lead to the prevention platform Card-security.chwhere you can find tips and prevention measures on the subject.

Responsible at the police: Pascal Simmen (Cantonal Police Schwyz), Bernard Vonlanthen (Police Cantonale Fribourg). Responsible at The PR Factory: Andrea Miolo-Eberhard (concept, overall management), Christine Raschle (consulting, project management), Patricia Isabel, Dali Schmucki (graphic design and realization).

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