Jung von Matt Limmat launches crispy investment campaign for PostFinance

What do investment types have to do with pizza? Quite a lot, if PostFinance has its way. The bank uses the popular cult pies to explain investment strategies to its customers in an entertaining and understandable way. The culinary campaign was conceived by Jung von Matt Limmat.

The PostFinance pizza portfolio truck has tasty and tasty things in store. With the help of the "Margherita Sicura", "Quattro Soldi", "Verdure Moderate", "Prosciutto Profitto" and "Rischio Piccante" pizzas, PostFinance experts explained various investment strategies at seven locations in Switzerland. The pizzas represented the entire spectrum of investment opportunities. To illustrate the different strategies, the pizzas were cut to size according to the customers' investment preferences and arranged on the pizza box.

Interested parties could buy a pizza for five francs at one of the locations. "Pizza is an excellent way to explain the interplay of opportunities and risks when investing in a simple and, above all, clear way," says Florian Grützner from PostFinance. The relaxed, Mediterranean atmosphere also helps "customers to overcome any inhibitions they may have about forms of investment".

The campaign ran until Friday. The pizzas were baked by Pizzeria Napulé. The individual creations can be found on the Landing page for the pizza portfolio.

Customer: PostFinance. Responsible Agencies: Jung von Matt Limmat, Blish. External partners:inside: Eventicum (Event), Napulé (Food), Webrepublic (Media).

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