Also good. Only cheaper: Wirz compares for Migros

In their current campaign, Migros and Wirz compare Migros products with their counterparts from brand manufacturers and draw a simple conclusion: Migros products are also good. Only cheaper.

Migros offers affordable shopping without compromising on quality - including with the retailer's own brands. Their high quality makes them an inexpensive but equally good alternative to comparable branded products. Migros and Wirz are focusing on this in the current campaign for Migros own-brand products.

Same same. But cheaper

Ketchup is made from tomatoes, cleaning products clean, sunscreen can be sprayed on: the subjects play tongue-in-cheek with the fact that the benefits and contents of branded and Migros products are basically the same - but not the price. The visual implementation also points out the similarities between the products with packshot combinations that are only separated by a tear. Rémy Müller, Head of Marketing & Communication at Migros, sees the campaign as consumer information with a twinkle in his eye: "We are not devaluing one product or the other. But we are pointing out the price difference."

Brand world vs. down-to-earth attitude

Migros' down-to-earth attitude also clashes with the advertising clichés of the brand products in moving images. "It is important that you can feel the closeness of the Migros brand to the people. Migros is not aloof, but offers quality at a good price. This is in its DNA," explains Wirz-ECD Lorenz Clormann.

In addition to price communication, the campaign also underpins Migros' promise and positioning, says Michèle Leibacher, responsible for the campaign at Migros: "Migros does more for Switzerland. And that includes offering high-quality but affordable products."

The campaign has been online, on TV, on posters and in cinemas since calendar week 21.


Responsible at Migros: Rémy Müller, Head of Marketing & Communication; Frédéric Zürcher, Head of Campaigning & Sponsoring; Désirée Strassmann, Head of Campaigning; Simone Blaser, Senior Project Manager Media; Patrick Blum, Project Manager Digital Media; Michèle Leibacher, Project Manager Campaigning. Responsible at Wirz Group: Lorenz Clormann, Jannic Mascello, Yannick Schaller, Evelyn Schellenberg, Tim Lieberherr, Morris Lötscher, Thomas Kurzmeyer, Julia Mutter, Erasmo Palomba, Nadja Kilchofer, Giovanni Bucca, Yussef Serrat, Oliver Fäs, Sonja Jegen, Corinne Räber, Muharem Alagic. Responsible at Stories: Flurin Giger, Silvan Giger (Director); Silvan Giger (Director of Photography), Yves Bollag (Executive Producer), Michèle Seligmann (Head of Production), Rhea Mandanis (Producer), Marko Strihic (Editor), Lutz Forster (Color Grading), Adi Frutiger, Fabian Sturzenegger (Music), JingleJungle (Sound Design), Südlich-t (Motion Design). Responsible at Fotostudio Migros Supermarkt: Christian Küng (photographer). Responsible at NextHype: Jean-Christ Oberholzer (Supervision & Compositing), Mustafa Miljkovic (Lead 3D Artist), Timofei Pervouchine (3D Modeling), Nino Accardi (3D Artist).

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