Graubünden promotes tolerance and togetherness

The 2024 campaign of "Fairtrail Graubünden" was launched at Cycle Week Zurich at the weekend. In the new bike season, the vacation canton is also promoting respect and tolerance between everyone who is out and about in the mountains in summer and fall. MTB pro Nino Schurter is the testimonial.

In Graubünden, an 11,000-kilometre network of trails in the mountains can be used for leisure activities. The "Fairtrail" campaign raises awareness of tolerance and respectful coexistence on hiking paths and trails. The Fairtrail rangers, the so-called Fairdinands, who are out and about in the Grisons mountains in summer and fall, are part of the campaign. In direct contact with guests and locals, they feel the pulse and, where necessary, draw attention to correct behavior in nature and on trails.

Once again this year, a Fairdinand team mingled with the public at Cycle Week. At Switzerland's biggest bike festival in Zurich's Europaallee, they got talking to bikers and Graubünden fans. More and more people are getting to know the Fairdinands and their message of respect and tolerance. Last year, they were on duty in Graubünden for 70 days and had over 3600 conversations. This year, between 50 and 60 outreaches at popular excursion destinations throughout Graubünden are on the program.

Testimonial and ambassador of the Fairtrail attitude is Nino Schurter. The ten-time MTB world champion and Olympic champion has extended his partnership with Graubünden Ferien by two years. Schurter will continue to promote a relaxed coexistence of bikers and hikers in short videos in 2024. The digital campaign is an essential part of Fairtrail communication. The motto: With respect - and also with a smile - encounters in the mountains become a positive experience for everyone.

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