Family's challenge for Digital Republic

The Uster agency Family has created a launch campaign for the new "Flat Mobile" subscription for the mobile phone provider Digital Republic. Under the slogan "Viva la Mobilunk!", the campaign promotes more freedom and opposes outdated practices in the mobile communications industry.

Following the introduction of flat rates with unlimited data volumes, the mobile provider Digital Republic is launching the Flat Mobile" subscription which is based on absolute freedom of contract and complete transparency. The accompanying communication measures are intended to embody the "revolutionary spirit of Digital Republic and the contemporary development in the mobile communications industry", as Family CEO Claudio Catrambone explains. CD Flo Weitzel adds: "We wanted to capture the feeling of being part of a freedom movement with the claim 'Viva la Mobilfunk' in order to use the resulting momentum for the campaign."

The campaign aims to further strengthen Digital Republic's brand presence and provide tangible support for the sales launch of "Flat Mobile". With product-oriented headlines and a strong, symbolic campaign motif - the Digital Republic fist - the founding credo of Digital Republic is impressively presented and the company's attitude clearly emphasized.

Responsible at Digital Republic: Dimitri Salzgeber, Aileen Marbacher, Muriel Strasser, Patrick Schenk, Gregor Vogt, Maud Hoffmann. Responsible at Family: Claudio Catrambone, Flo Weitzel, Hanja Heuss, Jan Walser, Severin Binkert, Linus Konetschnig, Marc Ambühl, Vitalli Peters, Anina Trachsler // Illustration: Tim Weiske, Voice & Mixing: Nice Noise.

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