At Emarket and Tertianum, the focus is on joie de vivre

Tertianum launches an employer campaign in collaboration with the Emarket agency. The newly developed employer promise emphasizes the space for joie de vivre in which everyone feels comfortable - guests and employees alike.

The Emarket implemented campaign aims to position Tertianum as an attractive employer and attract new employees.

To this end, focus groups - consisting of employees from all areas and functional levels at Tertianum - were used to create the new employer promise. At the heart of the promise is Tertianum's desire to create an environment that promotes joie de vivre. Tertianum is committed to creating a space in which everyone feels comfortable and can develop individually in meaningful work. This is achieved with a strong team spirit, individual support and consideration for personal needs. The employer promise forms the basis for the employer branding measures.

For the two employer branding films, Emarket relies on a change of perspective: guests report from their point of view on how Tertianum employees give them joy in life every day. These authentic stories are intended to emphasize the meaningful work of each individual team member and highlight the positive impact that employees have on the lives of guests.

More awareness and applications

The campaign consists of an awareness campaign to publicize the employer brand and a performance campaign to generate applications for the almost 100 Tertianum locations. In the coming months, twelve additional short films will be distributed via Tertianum's social media channels, matching the respective job profiles at Tertianum.

Talented individuals can then apply for the desired position in just a few clicks via a quick application. This is intended to remove unnecessary hurdles and make it as easy as possible for interested parties to apply for the position.

Responsible at Tertianum: Luise Schatt (Head of Employer Branding), Diana Gaudart (Talent Acquisition Specialist), Nadine Sommer (Employer Branding Specialist). Responsible at Emarket: Roy Müller (Managing Director Switzerland), Tania Schober (Employer Branding Consultant), Sandra Garcia (Graphic Design), Nadine Oechslin (Marketing Project Manager), Emanuel Demenga (Video Director).

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