Bold and the GVB are swearing again

Natural hazards can quickly go to your head. Especially if they affect your own home. That's why Bern's building insurance company GVB is once again calling on people to protect themselves instead of cursing in its current campaign, implemented by Bold.

Since 2023, the GVB's natural hazards department has been helping residents in Bern to protect their buildings from storms. And to save themselves damage and hassle. The campaign launched in 2023 communicated this in a humorous way: those affected expressively cursed the bad weather that had devastated their homes ( reported).

Cursed weather, again!

The campaign is now entering the next round at the start of the hail season. The new edition also focuses on building owners and their properties. Once again, the subjects take on a wide variety of storms and eloquently pillory them in broad-based Bernese German and French.

Communication beyond 360 degrees

The new key visuals have been on display in the canton of Bern since mid-May on a wide range of posters, DOOH, print and online media. In addition, direct and dialog measures such as landing pages, trailers and LiveCom ensure interaction. In addition, personalized subjects are now helping the Bernese municipalities to raise awareness of natural hazards among their residents.

Responsibility GVB: Daniel Hofer; Team Communication. Responsible agency: Bold. CG Artist / Image Editing: Thomas Stocker.

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