Jung von Matt Limmat and Mobiliar insure Nemo's ESC trophy

The ideas for Mobiliar's line drawings usually come from everyday life. For example, Jung von Matt Limmat and the insurance company reacted with lightning speed when Nemo destroyed the trophy on the ESC stage in Malmö, creating a sketch of the damage - and insuring the ESC trophy.

When Nemo enters the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest one last time after the points have been awarded to receive the glass microphone, the fragile glass trophy shatters when it is put down a few moments after being presented to Nemo. And so, with a little help from gravity, reality creates a story that will take pride of place in the annals of Mobiliar Insurance.

Nemo and the press react to damage sketch

The following day, Mobiliar and Jung von Matt Limmat exchange ideas, and the "Broke the code trophy" damage sketch is posted on Mobiliar's social media channels around midday. A news-jacking that not only amuses the Swiss, but also the largest public media. And Nemo too. Because a few days later, Nemo reposted with the legendary words: "Dear Mobiliar...".

Trophy insurance for Nemo

Mobiliar also responded again - as the claim says: "Whatever happens - we help quickly and without complications". Within twelve hours, it created a truly unique and personalized insurance policy for Nemo's ESC trophy and handed it over last Friday. This means it can break as often as it likes in future and is now insured with Mobiliar.

"If you want to capitalize on momentum, you have to be quick. And that can only succeed if all partners recognize the potential of an idea and implement it together - quickly and easily," explains Wolfgang Bark, Managing Creative Director of Jung von Matt Limmat.

Nicole Bieri from Mobiliar adds: "Nemo's mishap after the incredible performance showed that claims are part of life. And we are very proud to be able to insure Nemo's Malmö Trophy against any damage in the future."

Customer: the furniture. Responsible Agency: Jung von Matt Limmat. External partners:inside: Capitano Music.


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