Ese advertises mobile game with cute Migros products

The current promotional campaign "Migros Play & Win" mixes playing with collecting fun. Ese Agency from Zurich is providing the communication and social media concept and is also responsible for the visual implementation of advertising materials.

Ese Agency has already implemented a wide range of social media content for Migros, for example for M-Budget, the SpinMania- and Support Culture CampaignMigros Play & Win" is another comprehensive communication concept.

For the current Migros promotion, a brightly colored mobile game with a Match3 game principle was developed. Over 300,000 prizes are being distributed, with the prizes getting closer with every Migros purchase. Ese Agency's concept is designed to create dopamine rushes. To achieve this, the agency brought Migros cult products to life. The campaigning included the message and design concept as well as the creative social media strategy. The aim was to capture the summery fun of playing - and to reflect it visually on the various channels.

Visual on the mobile gaming zeitgeist

The inspiration behind the key visual is the bright and dynamic world of mobile games. Hearty Migros products are the face of the promotional campaign. For example, a product illustration of the vanilla ice cream or the own-brand ice tea. "The campaign managed to combine the wacky world of gaming with one of the most popular brands and thus communicate the colorful adventure - a balancing act," explains Creative Director and founder of Ese Agency, Elia Binelli.

"Migros Play & Win" has been available to play since Tuesday. Over the coming weeks, you can fill the stamp card with every purchase, complete levels and win from over 300,000 prizes.

Responsible at Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund: Laura Geerts, Delia Candolo, Raphael Jung, Moana Salmina. Responsible at Ese Agency: Elia Binelli (responsible), Elia Binelli, Emanuel Ernst, Severin Gamper, Damian Steffen, Aline Braun (concept), Severin Gamper, Aline Braun, Rozalia Budimir, Ian Weber, Damian Steffen (production).

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