Jim & Jim positions Zurich Airport as a love destination

As part of the image campaign "Everything. And even more", Jim & Jim is anchoring Zurich Airport as a love destination with an eight-part video and photo series.

With its importance as a transportation hub and the associated flair of internationality and adventure, Zurich Airport is well known to the entire Swiss population. However, the airport is still little known for its non-aviation offering.

With a 360-degree campaign, the agency Jim & Jim wants to strengthen the airport's image as a destination for gastronomy, shopping and leisure and anchor it as a love destination among the Swiss population. The campaign aims to focus on the diversity and attractiveness of the airport and actively involve visitors on site.

Cross-media awareness campaign

The focus of the assignment was on the development and implementation of a cross-media awareness campaign, including the activation of visitors on site at Zurich Airport. With the newly developed campaign claim "Everything. And even more." was developed to highlight the airport's diverse range of services. The campaign was implemented in German and English.

Broad spectrum of content

An eight-part video series was also produced to highlight the airport's various offers and invite the target group to discover them. In addition, a mixed video was created with all partners to emphasize the diversity of the offer.

The moving image campaign is accompanied by eight key visuals and prepared in various formats for social channels, online ads, digital steles and posters. A specific video was produced for the ten-metre-wide digital widescreen in the passage to the Circle.

The campaign is rounded off by an AI activation in Airport Shopping. Visitors have the opportunity to create a digital travel diary. Artificial intelligence is used to generate five images based on a photo booth picture, which visitors can then stage at different destinations.

Responsible at Zurich Airport: Mevina Studer, Salome Räber, Erich Brändle. Responsible at Jim & Jim: Andrin Buchli (overall direction), Bianca Stofer, Fabio Emch, Melanie Luu, Andrin Buchli, Kelly Nicole, Tabea Schlauri, Ann-Christine Lindner (idea and concept), Matthias Kappeler (DOP), Gidon Wessner (AC), Andrin Buchli, Ann-Christine Lindner (On-Set Prod.), Bianca Stofer (Director), Chiara Hess (Runner and Social), Patrik Lindén (Photography), Aurelio Ghirardelli (Gaffer), Julia Jauner, Laura Moser (Styling and Hair & Makeup), Bianca Stofer, Gidon Wessner (Post), Simon Hardegger (Color Grading).

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