Jung von Matt Limmat and Coop do good together

Once again this year, Coop is holding its Day of Good Deeds on May 25 and wants to inspire the whole of Switzerland to get involved. Jung von Matt Limmat is supporting the campaign with a campaign.

With the Day of Good Deeds" initiative Coop wants to show that individual commitment can bring about positive changes for society and the environment. Supported by Jung von Matt Limmat and an emotional campaign, the campaign aims to inspire personal commitment to promoting the common good.

The campaign focuses on a TVC that uses an authentic story and an optimistic mood to encourage people to get involved. Less dramatization, more lightness and optimism should awaken the joy of helping and strengthen the sense of community. At the same time, the TVC uses concrete examples to show who can be helped. In a familiar and cozy bedtime setting, the daughter asks what a good deed is. And as the father lists them, it becomes clear: be it for neighbors, for family, for the elderly or for the environment - every good deed is valuable.

The core message "What are you doing on May 25?" is always prominent and activating. The campaign has been rolled out nationwide in three languages since Monday. In addition to the TVC, it is being used at the POS, in print ads and in digital media.

Client:in: Coop. Agencies: Jung von Matt Limmat, Blish. External partners:inside: TWmedia (media), The Cover Media (voice recordings), Rosas & Co (film production), HitMill (music), DubDub Studios (sound design & dubbing), Südlich-t (post-production).

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