Capture Media: Transa wins "Campaign of the Month" for March

The "Discount Weeks" campaign by outdoor retailer Transa impressed with an exceptional CTR and an ROI of 35 percent, securing the title of Campaign of the Month for March.

With a clear vision, the campaign focuses on the sell-out of the established outdoor retailer and hits the nerve of the times with concise visuals, according to the experts at Capture Media, who regularly select a campaign of the month that is convincing for various reasons.

The success of the campaign is reflected in the outstanding results. With a click-through rate (CTR) of 3.66%, the campaign catapulted itself far above the benchmark of 0.12%. The traffic generated by Capture Media had an engagement rate of 88.3 percent. This same engagement traffic actively used the Transa website for an average of 2 minutes and 35 seconds. By selecting particularly high-performance channels and constantly optimizing them on a daily basis, a remarkable quality of traffic was achieved.

Look into the future

The campaign, which ran from March 7 to March 24, 2024, was based on two components. In the first phase, users were enticed with a glimpse into the future. The discount weeks were announced in advance and users were invited to subscribe to the Transa newsletter to be the first to know about the sale weeks. This pre-campaign was already highly successful and generated a newsletter subscription rate of 28.29 percent.

The second phase began with the start of sales. Users were now targeted on various channels - from dynamic advertising media in display and social media to static newsletters and native ads. 166 purchases were measured with an order rate of 1.19 percent. With an ROI of 35%, the marketing initiative not only successfully increased store awareness among users, but also drove particularly high-performance traffic to the website.

Responsible at Transa Backpacking AG: Jenny Zehnder (Chief Marketing Officer), Tobias Egli (Digital Marketing Specialist); Responsible at PRfact AG: Mira Zawrzykraj (Managing Partner), Philipp Welte (Junior Consultant); Responsible Capture Media: Michel Mariani (Chief Commercial Officer), Panida Dalla Monta (Senior Digital & Analytics Specialist), Bernhard König (Digital Designer).

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