Kargo promotes the film-ready HF nursing degree program

Cinematic insights draw the attention of a young target group from the canton of Bern to the HF nursing degree course and realign the image of the profession. The Bernese agency Kargo Kommunikation won the pitch with its dramaturgical production and also won over prospective HF nursing students with its concept.

Life and death, astute diagnoses or heart-wrenching romances: hardly any other profession is filmed and viewed as frequently and with such enthusiasm as that of nursing and medical teams in emergency wards and hospitals. The agency therefore drew on the popular genres of films and series for the realization: fictional trailers show events from the varied and exciting everyday working life of nursing staff.

Between reality and fiction

Three 15-second short commercials and a 30-second main trailer form the core of the campaign and make use of a range of audiovisual elements from the Hollywood bag of tricks. They give a foretaste of the challenges experienced in this professional environment.

The content was reviewed by experts from the Bern Nursing Education Center and acted out and filmed as realistically as possible in advertising. The campaign is accompanied by a film poster that also blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction: only on closer inspection does it become clear that this is about more than just entertainment.

The role of a lifetime

The three slogans "Less film - more real action", "Less film - more true stories" and "Less film - more real emotions" slowly but surely dissolve the idea behind the campaign and make it clear to the target group that this is not about a new series, but about the degree course at the Bern Education Center for Nursing. The message: "Whether fiction or reality: with this training, an exciting leading role in professional life is guaranteed!"

Responsible at BZ Pflege: Geneviève Wüthrich and Etta Brand (overall project management). Responsible Kargo Kommunikation: Christoph Balsiger (Creative Direction), Fabia Dellsperger (Art Direction), Eva Matt (Project Management), Jorge Martinez (Motion Design), Onaquel Herbas (Graphic Design), Luca Balzli (Campaigning). Film production: DEF Kallen (producer), Juri Steinhart (director), Simon Huber (cinematographer). Photography: Maximilian Lederer.

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