Wirz and Graubünden vacations focus on endless vacations

A circular vacation innovation: Wirz and Graubünden Ferien unceremoniously abolish the end of the vacation to promote the "Alpine Circle" round trip.

Since 2021, the highlights of Graubünden can be viewed on the Alpine Circle a round trip through the mountain canton that can be enjoyed by train, car or bike. To further increase awareness of the tour, Graubünden Ferien and Wirz have joined forces once again: In the current campaign, the Alpine Circle is presented in a tongue-in-cheek way as a vacation innovation on which endless vacations are possible. At least in theory.

It is in the nature of a circle that there is no beginning and no end - and that is exactly how it is with the closed tour of the Circle: "When you reach the end, you are actually back at the beginning and you can start the tour all over again," explains Jannic Mascello, Creative Director at Wirz. It's definitely worth it, because the huge concentration of sights such as the Swiss National Park, the Diavolezza glacier world, the Landwasser Viaduct and the Rhine Gorge mean that the round trip offers endless experiences.

To make endless vacations financially possible, a competition has also been launched: The main prize includes overnight stays in Sunstar and Private Selection Hotels along the Alpine Circle worth CHF 10,000.

The multi-year campaign is currently running in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland and includes the TV commercial, several online films, DOOH as well as display, social and native ads.

Responsible at Graubünden Ferien: Yves Luetolf (Chief Marketing Officer / Vice Director GRF), Karin Raimondo (Head of Partnerships, Touring, French-speaking Switzerland). Responsible at Wirz: Jan Kempter, Jannic Mascello, Björn Bippus, Evelyn Schellenberg, Florian Siegrist, Mark Stahel, Elena Gabriel, Marleen Diener, Ria Meghji, Simone Jehle, Fabian Nold, Janna Löhr, Stephanie Ackermann, Miya Aschwanden, Erasmo Palomba, Nadja Kilchhofer, Ruwanie Hayoz, Giovanni Bucca, Yussef Serat, Oliver Fäs, Corinne Räber, Rahel Signer, Alagic Muharem, Ademi Besian, Nico Keramaris, Naomi Meran, Timo Lorch, Kerstin Lenz. Production: MovieMaint (film production), Jonas Ballmann (executive producer), Wolfgang Weigl (editor), DubDub Studios (audio post-production), Simon Hardegger (grading). Media: Capture Media, Speed U Up Suisse.

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