Spina's Civil Voices for the VCS: Magda instead of Mazda

Mobility that focuses on people and the environment: This is what the VCS Swiss Transport Club has been advocating for 45 years. Now the VCS is making its positive commitment known to a broad public - with a campaign by Spinas Civil Voices.

More highways, more roads, more parking spaces: Mobility with a future looks different. The VCS is working at many levels to make mobility in Switzerland more people-friendly and environmentally friendly. Because being mobile should not and need not be at the expense of nature and quality of life.

And so the new VCS campaign by Spinas Civil Voices focuses on people on the move. Various headlines on green spaces call for mobility that meets the needs of these people: for example, with more traffic-calmed residential areas, safe cycle paths and ever better-connected public transport.

The aim of the campaign is to draw the public's attention to the important work of the VCS for environmentally friendly mobility and thus create a basis for attracting new members. The campaign can currently be seen on posters, DOOH, digital banners and on social media.

Responsible at the VCS: Simon Hofmann (Marketing Management), Lara Häring (Project Management), Patricia Gfeller (Digital Marketing), Camille Marion (Social Media). Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Nicolas Stark, Soraya Janser (art direction), Beat Egger (text), Susi Kammergruber (creative direction), Corinne Bucher (consulting), Gaby Füchslin (overall responsibility), Jason Studerus (photography), Jasmin Hauser (production management), Lorenz Wahl (image editing).

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