Twint umbrella campaign by Erbe Creative: What connects Switzerland

The current umbrella campaign playfully showcases how Twint connects Switzerland. Erbe Creative, Rocket Film and Sir Mary are responsible for the implementation.

Coop or Migros child? Rock concert or opera? City or country? Living together in Switzerland involves contrasts and contradictions that are often discussed emotionally and controversially. Twint's current umbrella campaign focuses on a common ground: no matter how far apart the points of view are - Twint bridges all divides.

The focus of the first campaign with the new concept is on simple payment at every checkout using the Twint QR code and the practical storage of customer cards in the Twint app. The identification and connection of people in Switzerland with the Twint brand form the emotional core of the concept. From everyday shopping in the supermarket to going to a concert or a farm store in the high mountains - the campaign aims to convey that Twint connects people in Switzerland.

The multimedia campaign was conceived by Twint in collaboration with Erbe Creative, produced by Rocket Film and planned for media distribution by Sir Mary. It comprises a whole series of commercials, posters and animations that highlight the contrasts of everyday life in Switzerland and emphasize Twint as the common denominator.

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