Evoq celebrates 50 years of Bächli Bergsport

Bächli Bergsport is 50 years old. Evoq has developed a cross-media campaign for the anniversary year that focuses on human relationships in mountain sports.

For most alpinists and mountaineers, the mountains are a lifelong passion that they share with important people. "We didn't want to turn the Bächli anniversary year into a contemplative flashback, but rather a tribute to the people we go into the mountains with. Because mountaineering is teamwork," says Jan Maurer from Bächli Bergsport, explaining the focus of the campaign.

# together on the road

The campaign kicks off at the end of April with the opening of the season for summer 2024. The anniversary motto #together is the anchor of the entire campaign and will accompany the entire anniversary year. In advertisements, TV commercials, posters and on social media, everything revolves around shared mountain experiences and the relationships that are forged on the rope and on the mountain - be it on alpine tours, climbing, trail running or hiking. To emphasize the 50th anniversary, the Bächli logo is supplemented by the year 1974.

Stories from the community

On a special landing page the community has its say: twin brothers, mother and daughter, married couples, best friends and even Bächli employees tell their very personal mountain stories. The storytelling is also applied to the customer magazine Inspiration and social media.

Responsible for Bächli mountain sports: Jan Maurer (Head of Marketing). Responsible at Evoq: Christian Sutter (mandate management); Susanne Pfäffli (creative direction and text); Gianluca Flütsch (art direction); Alexandra Christian (graphics); Tom Malecha (films by Draussen, photography and film).

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