Ruf Lanz shows small mistakes with big consequences for RTK

It pays to have texts proofread and edited by RTK before publication. This visualizes the current Ruf Lanz campaign in an entertaining rather than didactic way.

According to Unesco, German is the seventh most difficult language in the world. Even a small mistake can have major consequences. It makes a considerable difference whether a head of government is in bed with a nasty flu or a nasty group, whether a body lotion tightens or tones the skin or whether the white shark or the white shark appears as a reprise in the cinema.

With these examples, Ruf Lanz demonstrates for RTK that it pays to have texts proofread before publication. RTK proofreaders check campaigns, printed matter, newspaper articles and websites with a keen eye and protect you from embarrassment.

Ruf Lanz's subjects can be seen in selected trade magazines. Ruf Lanz had already drawn attention to RTK's proofreading services in 2022 with the award-winning "Fatal separations" campaign ( reported).

Responsible at RTK Medientechnik: Andreas Lehmann (Managing Director). Responsible at Ruf Lanz: Markus Ruf (Creative Direction & Text), Dave Schellenberg, Isabelle Hauser (Art Direction), Armin Arnold (DTP), Marc Engeli (Consulting).

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