Souffleur creates new image and campaign for Thurcom

The agency Souffleur has developed a new image for the nationwide telecom provider Thurcom and rolled it out in the current campaign.

The nationwide telecom provider Thurcom has just revised its product range. The adapted "Neo" product range is intended to set new standards. In order to communicate this in an easily understandable way and at the same time address new customer regions, the Souffleur agency modernized the corporate design, among other things.

Rainbow colors and monoliths

The rainbow colors are intended to reflect the light that shoots through Thurcom's own fiber optic network and enables fast Internet. At the same time, however, they are intended to stand for Thurcom's freshness and customer proximity, which have contributed to the high reputation of the telecom provider.

The use of these emotional colors in a form that resembles a monolith is intended to support Thurcom's self-confidence and technological know-how as well as to allow a clear information design, which is essential in the communication of telecommunications offers.

The new image replaces the old design and is being rolled out to the market via the current campaign, which focuses on the internet and TV. The most important channels and advertising media for the animated and static content include the website and landing pages, Google, social media and online channels, posters, advertisements, TV and cinema commercials, newsletters, flyers and direct mailings, store design and labeling, competitions, trade fair stands, giveaways and more.

Responsible for Thurcom: Peter Trüby (Head of Thurcom). Responsible for Prompter: Jouni Epper (Managing Director), Julia Henauer (Graphics).

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