Neu does a lot of advertising for a lot of Wingo

Wingo promotes Internet for the home with Charles Nguela, Alexandre Kominek and XXL laptop. The Zurich agency Neu is once again responsible for advertising the April promotion.

For Wingo, April is all about the Internet at home. The "Internet Start" Internet subscription is currently on offer for CHF 39.95 instead of CHF 69 - and as usual, it is presented in the advertising by the testimonials Charles Nguela and Alexandre Kominek for French-speaking Switzerland.

To illustrate the message "A lot of speed for little money" at first glance, Wingo and Neu had an oversized XXL laptop made to symbolize the fast Internet subscription. In various static and moving image assets, Nguela and Kominek show how they use their Internet subscription - in the home office, while binge-watching or for online dance classes.

Ten-second films were produced for use in cinemas, online and in DOOH. There are also posters and various online formats.

Customer: Wingo. Responsible at Neu Creative Agency: Adrian Staehelin, Nicole Vizcardo, Bettina Beyeler, Finn van Grondel, Ibtissam Aiterrami, Nico Ammann. Film and photo production: Sebahat Film+Photo, Dan Cermak. Media: Mediaschneider, Wingo.

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