Atoll with new campaign for Leonteq

The Swiss derivatives specialist Leonteq is expanding its international presence and commissioned the Atoll agency to develop a brand campaign. Ideally, the visual metaphor "astronaut", which had already been used previously, was to be used.

The core message of the chosen concept is to escape the pull of tradition. Leonteq is an established company, but its approach remains a counter-thesis to old ideas in finance. Digitalization makes it easier than ever for professional and private investors to access structured products. This liberation through technology is symbolized by astronauts hovering in front of or inside time-honored buildings. In architectural styles that are typical of financial institutions in Italy.

The media plan envisages a four-week out-of-home campaign. The more than 30 campaign subjects will be published exclusively in English, mainly in the vicinity of trade fairs and the headquarters of companies in the financial sector. The numerous formats include digital posters, door and floor stickers, escalator signage and the branding of means of transportation.

Responsible at Leonteq Securities AG: Marina Buonocore (Marketing & Communication Officer), Maria Carvalho (Senior Graphic Designer), Rui Batista (Senior Multimedia Designer), Katja Karpf (Marketing & Communications Specialist), Dominik Ruggli (Head of Investor
Relations, Communications & Marketing); responsible at Atoll (Concept, design, image production): Axel Eckstein, Alexander Kranz-Mars; Media: IGP Decaux.

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