Tatin Design Enterprises realizes cross-media image campaign for IWB

Tatin Design Enterprises has launched the "Do the Climate Shoot!" campaign for IWB, which aims to attract attention with striking OOH posters and a targeted online presence. The aim is to raise awareness of sustainable energy concepts and encourage active participation.

The campaign breaks with conventional communication patterns in the energy sector and focuses on three key visuals that represent Switzerland's transformation towards more sustainable energy solutions. "The three key visuals symbolize the living spaces that IWB is transforming together with its customers and partners into a climate-friendly Switzerland worth living in," explains Oliver Mayer, ECD at Tatin Design Enterprises. Both the posters in public spaces and the online elements, including a specially developed landing page, provide comprehensive information and are intended to encourage people to take action.

The implementation of the campaign reflects IWB's pioneering spirit and focuses on the "climate turn" as a key element. The population is encouraged to become part of the movement towards more environmentally friendly energy solutions. A clear message was chosen for this: "Everyone can make a difference, and together we can shape a sustainable society".

"We are using the current campaign specifically to continuously cultivate and deepen brand familiarity and to position IWB as an innovative and likeable transformation partner. Our aim is to further increase awareness and at the same time communicate IWB's values and goals," explains Dominic Specht, Senior Brand Strategist at IWB.

The campaign, which was launched on Monday, includes OOH measures in German-speaking Switzerland as well as display ads and can be seen on popular social media.


Responsible at IWB: Christine Jauch (Head of Marketing), Francesco Vazzano (Product Owner Campaigning), Dominic Specht (Senior Brand Strategist). Responsible at Tatin Design Enterprises: Oliver Mayer (Creative Direction), Lukas Gysin (Strategy Direction), Nils Bärfuss (Design), Ronny Trauffeler and Dennis Derschow (Animation Design). Responsible at TWmedia: Madeleine Huber-Troendle (Online), Barbara Fiorilli (Offline).

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