Zweihund and DillySocks walk through the universe with colorful socks and attitude

A screaming protagonist with a moustache walks "well-socked" through surreal worlds and can hardly get his head around the possibilities of his existence. Zweihund's campaign for DillySocks visualizes the fact that colourful socks can be both a fashion statement and an expression of a personal attitude to life.

DillySocks and Zweihund want to show that you can be a little bolder, and not just when choosing your socks. That's why the film production company was commissioned by the sock manufacturer to design and develop a crazy commercial that presents the label's colorful and original socks not only as a fashion statement, but also as an expression of personal attitude to life. With a great deal of trust and creative freedom, Zweihund created colorful and playful worlds that do justice to the unusual sock designs and were implemented consistently and with high quality over the course of 2023 - despite a small budget.

The combination of live action shot in the Bluescreen Studio and imagery generated with Unreal Engine is intended to illustrate in an entertaining way that everyday life could be a little more colorful and crazy with the right socks. This is underlined by the new, long-term strategic brand positioning "Add some Dilly to your Life", already developed by Serviceplan Suisse for the 2023 Christmas campaign, which also provides the desired framework for this campaign.

DillySocks will show the commercial on various video platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, but also in selected cinemas. The new Spring/Summer Collection 2024 is currently being advertised across all channels in a long and various short versions of the film.

Responsible at DillySocks: Sean Pfister (Founder Head of Design), Stefanie Bereiter (Content & Shooting Manager) Mirco Kunz (Digital Designer, Motion) Matthias Waser (Designer, Motion), Thomas Veit (Head of Marketing) Moritz Heitzer (Performance Marketing Manager). Responsible for two-dog: Jonas Meier (concept, creative direction and direction), Niels Vije (producer), Jonas Meier and Mike Raths (art direction & editing), Simon Bitterli (camera), Mike Raths (VFX), Jürgen Kupka (color grading), Gregor Rosenberger (sound design).

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