Jung von Matt Havel and Myclimate raise awareness of sustainable travel behavior

Myclimate uses a tracker to confront influencers with the climate-damaging emissions they cause through their travel behavior. The climate protection campaign was realized in collaboration with Jung von Matt Havel and Championship Records.

Many influencers use location markers on Instagram to share their travels. The "Myclimate Carbon Tracker" was created in collaboration between Jung von Matt Havel and the developers at Championship Records (Werbewoche.ch reported). The intelligent bot analyzes location markers in social media posts from over 1000 influencers and celebrities and calculates the emissions generated. From this, the bot generates a personalized comment that reminds people of alternative travel options and climate donations. For particularly prominent frequent flyers, completely individual commentary texts are even written. At the same time, the travel activities are included in the first influencer CO2 ranking on Carbontracker.myclimate.org one.

In this way, myclimate aims to raise awareness of climate-damaging travel behavior, offer alternatives and encourage people to take responsibility for their own emissions. The initiative is accompanied by a social media campaign which, not without irony, calls on people to donate to the influencers if they fail to fulfill their responsibility.

"Our aim is to question a certain lifestyle for all of us, which is characterized by inflationary air travel," explains creative director Arne Stach from Jung von Matt Havel. The carbon tracker has already confronted social media stars such as Paris Hilton, Martin Garrix and Caro Daur with their travel behavior. The first reactions to this have now been processed in a short film.

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