Blueheart solicits commitment to the SRC Canton Aargau

With the campaign "Im Aargau läbe - im Aargau hälfe", the Aarau agency Bluehart is recruiting volunteers, members and donors for the Aargau Red Cross.

The SRC Canton Aargau provides a wide range of services for disadvantaged people in the canton. An important part of this is the 900 or so volunteers who work for the charitable organization. It is precisely these volunteers who are at the center of Blueheart's new campaign for the SRC Canton Aargau. Under the motto "What unites us - we help people in Aargau", various volunteers - from students to pensioners - advertise their commitment to the Aargau Red Cross. Be it as a volunteer, as a member or as a donor.

The agency designed, developed and implemented the campaign for the SRC Canton Aargau. In addition to the poster campaign with three different subjects, the central elements are the landing pagea testimonial film with statements from volunteers, a making-of film, public transport screens and social media ads. The campaign has been on display in Aargau since April 2024 - as an appeal and motivation to stand up for more humanity in the canton.

Responsible at the SRC Canton Aargau: Regula Kiechle (Managing Director SRC Canton Aargau); Sonja Geissmann (Head of Marketing & Fundraising SRC Canton Aargau). Responsible at Blueheart: Hanno Lietz (CD text / concept); Olivier Kilchherr (CD art); Angelica Scholze, Vanessa Mentha (consulting); Claudio Heller (photography). Film: Nicola Euler (Euler Films Baden).

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