Swisscom advertises on Linkedin - with Gülsha Adijli

Who better to search for a suitable match than dating queen Gülsha Adijli? Swisscom wants to position itself as a modern employer on Linkedin in seven new short videos.

Picture: Swisscom

Swisscom is teaming up with presenter and dating queen Gülsha Adijli for its new employer branding campaign. Gülsha is looking for her perfect match and meets seven Swisscom employees. Will she find the love of her life? She realizes that the employees have already given their hearts away: to whom?

With its latest employer branding campaign, Swisscom is breaking new ground and humorously demonstrating what Swisscom has to offer as a modern employer: exciting and innovative topics, modern working methods, flexibility and the opportunity to develop and achieve something. The campaign consists of seven short videos and will be launched on LinkedIn on April 8.

Creation & implementation: Swisscom. Production: Tim Dürig, zehneinhalb & Swisscom. Social media: Swisscom.

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