Rivella and Family start April with "ohni Milchzügs"

The vegan Rivella Yellow was launched in mid-March. Now comes the accompanying cross-media communication campaign by Family, Havas Media and Burki Scherer.

The campaign has been on display throughout Switzerland since Tuesday in an eye-catching yellow color. The striking measures focus on the benefits of the product - fully vegan, dairy-free and -40% sugar-free - which are to be communicated in a refreshingly direct and simple way.

This is done using a wide range of advertising media. These include TV and online commercials, various digital assets, megaposters, (D)OOH and print implementations. In addition to two fully branded streetcars - one in Zurich and one in Bern - the collaboration with 20 Minuten is another communication highlight. On launch day, the blue CICD elements will be colored yellow in the print edition, and a yellow takeover will be used in the web and app version.

Responsible at Rivella: Nikolas Petschen (Brand Manager, overall responsibility), Désirée Koller (Head of Brand Management Product & Trade), Francesco Camenzind (Brand Manager), Elena Neuhold (Brand Manager), Nadine Hug (Trade Marketing Manager), Nicole Zumsteg (Live Marketing Manager), Kevin Bieri (Digital Manager), Alper Kaya (Digital Manager), Angelika Leemann (Co-Head of Marketing), Sara Jermann (Co-Head of Marketing), Silvan Brauen (Co-CEO). Responsible at Family: Claudio Catrambone, Jan Walser, Svenja Hässig, Alexandra Niggeler, Marc Ambühl, Severin Binkert. Film production: Navada, director: Oliver Schmocker, sound: DubDub, photography: Alina Birjuk, post: Lorenz Wahl. Responsible at Havas Switzerland Media: Lena Rüdisüli, Naomi Romero, Alex Koch, Samia Montaque. Responsible at Burki Scherer: Patricia Häuselmann, Jessica Zurfluh, Stefanie Haas, Jessica Studer, Dominic Scheidegger, Selina Mellert.

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